Apple Vision Pro pre-orders are now open 2024

Now that Apple Vision Pro preorders are open, there’s a lot further we know about how important accessories will bring, configurations, and other details. And as you might anticipate, completely provisioning out a Vision Pro will make quite the dent in your portmanteau.


For starters, the base model of the Vision Pro with 256 GB of storehouse starts at 3,499. Getting 512 GB bumps up the cost to 3,699, and 1 TB will bring 3,899. All that moola will get you the Apple Vision Pro headset with a light seal, a light seal bumper, and a solo knit band. Also in the box are a binary circle band, a cover, a battery, a redundant light seal bumper, Apple’s polishing cloth, and a 30W USB-C power appendage and charging string. Still, if you want to add Apple Care Plus, that’ll be a redundant 499. ( You should know that the deductible for Vision Pro content is also another 300.) Meanwhile, Apple also offers a bunch of accessories. Then’s a breakdown.



Trip case$ 199
Extra battery$ 199
Zeiss Optical Inserts start at 99, and can go up depending on the type that you need for your tradition
redundant light seal$ 199
redundant light seal bumper$ 29
Belkin battery holder$49.95
redundant solo knit band$ 99
Extra dual circle band$ 99
Extra charging string$ 29
redundant power slipup$ 39
Your total cost will, of course, depend on how many extras you buy. still, if you plan on using the Vision Pro with another person, you may need to shell out for redundant light seals, cocoons, head strips, and Zeiss optic inserts, as everyone needs their fit.


Speaking of fit, going through the preorder process involves doing a Face ID checkup on your phone or iPad to estimate your fit. You’ll also have to fill out a questionnaire about your vision and the types of corrective lenses you wear to determine what kind of Zeiss inserts you’ll need.


Then’s what you need to know about preordering the Apple Vision ProApple Vision Pro hands-on, again, for the first time As for the range of conventions supported, that’s a bit murkier. So far, Apple’s support runner says that Zeiss inserts are “ available for the vast maturity of corrections, including for guests who typically use progressive or bifocal lenses. ” still, hard contact lenses aren’t supported and neither are conventions that have prism values, which are frequently added to address issues like double vision. The support runner also notes that people with some medical conditions, like drooping eyelids, changes in eye alignment( i.e., hypermetropia or amblyopia), or unbridled eye movements, may have difficulties using Vision Pro’s eye shadowing. For those folks, the support runner says there will be availability features that allow you to use another corridor of your body to navigate the device.




As of this jotting, the original vacuity for the base model is formerly vented out through late February or early March in some areas. That’s a commodity, given that Apple says in a guided stint on the point that the stylish thing to do is get an in-person rally at an Apple Store. That said, the guided stint is analogous to the rally I got in person before this week — albeit, you won’t get a sense of how the Pro’s roughly 21.2 –22.9 ounces will feel on your head or what the defenses look like.

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